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September 12, 2010


Jesse C

Dude. Great thoughts. The benefit of teaching at a community that doesn't strictly follow the lectionary is that I get to preach this text for this upcoming Sunday, after having read your wonderful ideas. I looked at this text a couple weeks ago and shared similar thoughts on the foolishness of abandoning the 99 to track down the 1. The other thing that struck me was that what Jesus is addressing is the profound us/them mentality that the elders in the temple seem to put forth. The two groups of people that are lifted up are the tax collectors and the sinners. In other words, the people that we don't like (tax collectors), and the people that God doesn't like (sinners) (according to the religious elite). Jesus comes in and slaps the religious elite in the face and says, "These people are a part of my flock. You say they have no value, and I say they are the whole value."

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