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April 26, 2007


Double O

Track #3 - God Damn Job - is by a little two-man outfit called Scrapomatic. The lead singer, Mike Mattison, is my friend Ted's brother (and the adopted son of two ELCA pastors). He's got pipes, baby, and he puts them in service to a song that finds a home in the lament tradition, in which we call on God in times of affliction, loneliness, and pain, and in which we use the sturdy name. Mike has been the lead singer for the Derek Trucks Band since 2002.

Track #12 is Pontiac, by Lyle Lovett, from the album of the same name. Its' the only song that deals specifically with the 5th commandment

Track #18 is Slippery People, from the Talking Heads' live album Stop Making Sense. You may ask yourself, "How did I get here?"

Though track 23, Jesse's Girl, was written by Rick Springfield, it is here covered by one of my new best friends (the kind I don't actually know personally) Matt the Electrician, from his album Made for Working.

Jeni Falkman is a fabulous person, a kick-ass preacher, and a decent bowler.

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